Birthday: 15th, April

Birthplace: Hiroshima

Hobby: Theater going, Japanese drum

Favorite word: Many experience in the youthful days, enriches my aged life story.

Cherry is talented to make people smile. She has a feature of careful dance, aware to the fingertips, like a willow-tit.


Birthday: 15th, November

Birthplace: Akita

Hobby: Dance, Watching YouTube

Favorite word: Health comes first

Nozomi started dance, apparatus gymnastics, from her childhood, and experience many genres of dance. She has a licence of nutritionist, and pursue the beauty inside, joined to express the Japanese beauty in appearance with manner of behavior, and dance. Hanakamuro's No.1 babyface.


Birthday: 14th, September

Birthplace: Hokkaido

Hobby: Watching Movies, Music

Favorite word: Eyes are to see good things

Ayaca has character never giving up and seeking out ISABUYO, aim for the next phase. Her brilliance that makes the stage bright and confident dance attracts the audience, joined to become a Yamatonadeshiko, which means an ideal Japanese woman.


Birthday: 19th, March

Birthplace: Tokyo

Hobby: Cooking medicinal soup

Favorite word: Effort makes confidence

Kayo is a 9 heads high kimono-beauty who pursue to impress people, cherish relationship, with a kind character inside. She joins Hanakamuro, to spread ISABUYO to the world.


About Hanakamuro

Japanese dance, which are researched and directed at college education, is called ‘ISABUYOU’ at overseas.

Next generation girls, who are highly motivated to spread the magnificence of Japanese culture, are willing to become the cutting edge new performer of Japanese dance.